Helping Neighbors in Need in Sandy Springs & Dunwoody since 1987.

Helping Neighbors in Need in Sandy Springs & Dunwoody since 1987.

A Letter of Appreciation from Georgenne

Dear CAC,

There recently was a lovely article in the Sandy Springs Reporter telling how the Community Assistance Center has grown in its 30 years. As one of the older recipients of the CAC’s services, I wanted to add a few personal words. I never thought I’d make it to my eighties, much less past my eighties, but here I am in my nineties, and still going strong. At 92, I still live by myself and drive myself. Since my apartment is only a few blocks from the CAC, it is an easy drive for me. I look forward to its expansion into a larger space, but, for now, the occasional shortage of parking is definitely worth the wait.

The CAC serves the less affluent families and elderly people in our lovely Sandy Springs and Dunwoody communities. The increasing need for their assistance often means a wait time before I can shop there. After signing in, I take a seat, and then usually find myself in conversation with others. I have always enjoyed chatting with any interesting person I meet-my daughter claims I’ve never met a cashier I haven’t swapped life stories with!-so the wait never seems too long.

A volunteer helps a client in CAC’s client choice model food pantry.

Shopping at the CAC requires a review of my lease and an interview, once every two months. Needs and circumstances change, so the CAC strives to serve the people most in need. As I rely on a small Social Security check each month, the CAC helps me stretch my income in a time when prices are constantly rising.

Once I am able to go down to the “grocery store,” I use my two vouchers, one for staples and one for fresh foods. The staples section is always well-stocked, so I choose from canned goods, soups, cereals, crackers, and peanut butter, to name a few. My second voucher lets

A volunteer stocks donations of meat into the refrigerators.

me pick from fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, sometimes milk, eggs, and even occasionally, butter. There are freezers and cold storage to keep the food fresh, so we also enjoy donations of salads, sandwiches and dips. The meats, when available, are usually excellent. In fact, the CAC allows me occasional indulgences, like steak, that I enjoyed rarely back in my working days. The pastries are among my favorite items-not just the usual packaged grocery store variety, but delicious donations from bakeries. Many things have changed during my 92 years, but not my sweet tooth!

The CAC depends on donations from any merchants willing to donate. As the CAC tries to meet the community’s needs, their shelves get thinned out. I just wanted to let the area merchants, who donate, and the lovely CAC staff and volunteers, know how much it means to one of your oldest clients, who has been stretching her meager Social Security check for a long time. You give me assistance when I need it and show me respect, and I am grateful for all you do. Now that I have made it into my nineties, I intend to keep going. So I hope I’ll see the CAC celebrate its 30th anniversary!

Georgenne K. Thompson

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