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Helping Neighbors in Need in Sandy Springs & Dunwoody since 1987.

Helping Neighbors in Need in Sandy Springs & Dunwoody since 1987.

CAC Seeks Candidates for CEO Position

Community Assistance Center in Sandy Springs is seeking candidates for the Chief Operating Officer position.

CAC CEO Profile and Position Description

Skills/Experience Fit


  • Ability to establish an organizational vision and inspire team members and supporters
  • Track record for setting and implementing strategic direction of the organization
  • Proven ability to build and motivate high performing professional teams
  • Program Development
  • Proven track record of guiding teams in researching, designing, implementing and testing new service programs at either a departmental or organization-wide level

Communication and Sales

  • Ability to network and build community coalitions
  • Can close major gifts and other commitments/contracts to secure resources

Management-Team Building

  • Proven experience developing and motivating high-functioning leaders, staff and teams across functions with goals, decision-making authority and accountability to metrics and KPIs (Key performance indicators)
  • Ability to create an environment for peak performance among board, staff, volunteers,
  • partners and donors
  • Ability to budget and properly steward resources
Motivational Fit
  • Understands the value of CAC’s current state, recognizes what it took to get there—and has interest in moving CAC to next growth phases
  • Appreciates a collaborative model in nonprofit verses a more hierarchical model in many
  • corporate structures
  • Understands which decisions belong to the CEO and which can be delegated
Values Fit

Personal Attributes and Values:

  • Humility and self confidence
  • Commitment to “service above self”
  • Is motivated by the values of CAC and its mission
  • Understands the complexities of temporary and chronic poverty
  • Believes in the power of an individual to change with appropriate support

Perspectives and Experience

  • Experience with nonprofit organizations, specifically those with large volunteer structures
  • Understands how to partner with a board of directors
  • General understanding of Non-Profit Accounting a plus

Interested candidates, may send a resume and summary cover letter outlining qualifications and alignment with the above profile beginning Monday, November 2nd to: recruiting@nplimpactagency.com


Position Description: Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer works to achieve CAC’s mission, reports to the Board of Directors, and has the following responsibilities:

Strategic Direction and Planning

  • Set and persuasively communicate CAC’s vision with timebound/achievable benchmarks
  • Align CAC’s vision, mission and values, with core strategies and operations
  • Lead and manage an ongoing strategic planning process with the board, staff and other stake holders and ensure that strategies and objectives are implemented and measured regularly
  • Manage all CAC budgets and finances in accordance with strategic goals and current program requirements



  • Manage meaningful and mutually productive relationships with the Board of Directors, the CAC staff, volunteers, donors, service delivery partners, community leaders, elected officials and relevant thought leaders, all of whom help advance the CAC vision and mission with proper cultivation and direction.
  • Build plans with each priority constituent group detailing: 1) goals; 2) frequency of interaction; and 3) type of interactions
  • Hire, evaluate and incentivize staff. Foster high performance and efficient decision making of the senior team, providing coaching to them on management of their own direct reports
  • Create appropriate internal work teams to encourage cross functions within the organization to foster collaborative work and overall effectiveness. Oversee that regular performance reviews are conducted for all staff members
  • Ensure that the organization adheres to the corporate bylaws as well as CAC policies (particularly
  • employment policies), procedures and guidelines
  • Meet regularly with the Board Chair. Participate in all Board, meeting as well as meetings of the following board committees– Executive, Finance and Board Management.


Community Relations and Coalition Building

  • Cultivate, foster and build relationships with key community leaders in the political, corporate, religious, philanthropic, social service and educational sectors of the community
  • Support current alliances and continue to build new coalitions which engage organizations and encourage actions which help address needs of CAC clients and/or which impact current CAC services
  • Serve as a critical thought leader on issues related to the CAC mission by seeking speaking engagements and appointments on core committees or councils addressing actions impacting CAC’s mission and goals
  • Design and implement programs to build awareness of the issues impacting CAC clients, actively advocating for appropriate community engagement and change


Fund Raising and Resource Development

  • Set all fundraising goals and metrics
  • Assess CAC’s appropriate balance of fundraising programs: 1) annual giving; 2) capital fundraising; 3) endowment and planned giving; and 4) special interest projects
  • Seek to learn about the needs and goals of each type of donor: board members, individual friends, private foundations, corporations, local faith-based organizations and others by way of creating ongoing ways to communicate with leaders in each group. Meet with top supporters on a regular basis
  • Actively cultivate, solicit and steward donors at the $10,000 level and higher
  • Provide oversight to the Development Director who will design, implement and measure efficient systems for all aspects of fundraising including the design of persuasive materials to make CAC’s case


Operational Programming and Market Analysis

  • Continuously assess and update metrics and systems for evaluating the effectiveness of current CAC programs and service offerings
  • Ensure that staff and volunteers are committed to the assessment process and continuous improvement by way of actions and performance incentives
  • Oversee continuous research and analysis of trends impacting CAC clients and its service model
  • Design systems to assess future community needs and gaps in emergency assistance, food security, continuing education, job skills and career advancement
  • Assess and manage new program offerings at CAC in alignment with market needs, current priorities and organizational capacity


Fiscal, Administrative and Plant Management

  • Oversee all systems for sound fiscal management including: 1) financial planning; 2) budget controls; 3) legal and regulatory compliance; 4) proper auditing, records and documentation; and 5) cash flow management
  • Balance financial solvency with financial growth
  • Report all finances to the board, relevant agencies and donors
  • Summarize financial information for constituents in the Annual Report
  • Update all organizational operating manuals and procedures to adhere to any relevant work place or other compliance standards and/or organizational best practices
  • Ensure upkeep, standards and safety of all buildings and property including transportation vehicles
  • Oversee insurance coverages and contracts with vendors, consultants, licensees etc.

Interested candidates, may send a resume and summary cover letter outlining qualifications and alignment with the above profile beginning Monday, November 2nd to: recruiting@nplimpactagency.com

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