Services - Financial Assistance

Get Financial Assistance

CAC may be able to help if you are experiencing a crisis such as job loss, illness or divorce and need emergency financial assistance. CAC provides financial assistance to pay a portion of rent, mortgage or utility bills, or to help in other emergency situations such as fire or flood.

Frequency: Eligible clients may receive financial assistance once a year, level of assistance will depend on the client’s circumstances.

Process:  Clients work with financial assistance volunteers to determine eligibility and assistance level. If approved CAC will provide a check for payment to the appropriate business entity (landlord, utility company, etc.) Checks are not written to clients directly.

About Financial Assistance

CAC serves as a safety net to assist our neighbors that have nowhere else to turn for help. Assistance is provided to keep our neighbors in need in their homes and prevent homelessness. CAC provides short term emergency financial assistance to families or individuals facing a financial crisis. Most clients have experienced job loss or reduction of wages; others are affected by factors such as high medical expenses, family separation, illness, fire or flood.

CAC helps about 675 households a year avoid eviction with emergency financial assistance. This assistance typically pays for portions of rent or utility bills. Applicants are thoroughly screened and must qualify for assistance. CAC works with clients to develop a service plan that will help them move toward self-sufficiency.

CAC follows up with clients over the next 180 days to see if their situation has become stable and offers opportunities throughout the year to enroll in additional programs such as free clothing, adult education, holiday food or youth programs for their children in an effort to help the family remain or gain self-sufficiency.